Ted Bernstein


Life Insurance Professional

Counselor - For more than 30 years, Ted Bernstein has been a pioneer in the distribution of life insurance.  He has been improving the life insurance industry by creating products, strategies and services to help life insurance buyers, life insurance professionals and life insurance companies.

Columnist - Advocate

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A life insurance strategist who thrives on innovation, Ted Bernstein has introduced disruptive change over the past 30 years. As the pace of change is accelerating, life insurance buyers will benefit immeasurably from the guidance of a professional.

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Consumers don't differentiate between whole life, universal life or term with conversion privileges.  The job of a life insurance professional is to know what is best for  each client.  From there, Ted builds partnerships with families and businesses leading to the successful implementation of strategies, products and solutions to protect and preserve your assets and your life's work.

Areas of Expertise

Installment Life Insurance

Premium Financing

No-Load Life Insurance

Policy Audit & Analysis

Expert Witness